Ducati Swing-arm removal tool

The Ducati 796 and lots of other Ducati’s are constructed beautifully, as most Italian products. Instead of using a bolt to mount the engine to the frame and one bolt for the swing arm they combined it into one bolt to save weight and complexity. The bolt goes through the frame, the swingarm, and the engine. The bolt is hollow as well with an inner m12x1,25mm thread. This is used to fix the footpeg plates. So 3 into 1!

Difficulties removing swing-arm

Nevertheless there’s always an Italian catch. Because it’s a corrosion sensitive area the axle tends to corrode a little and makes it a pain to remove.

Ducati suggest a wacking tool (88713.1074) to fit in the inner threads of the bolt. This does not work because we made one and everything moved except the bolt. Maybe in better condition it might work but our Ducati has seen some Dutch weather.

First attempt whacking tool Ducati swing arm

We encountered problems with the frame part visible on the image above flexed every hammer-hit we gave it on the other side. When flexing the rod shaped part of the frame grips even more firmly and keeps the bolt in place. We where afraid that more violence would had bend the frame beyond repair.

Removal tool

Ducati rear swing arm axle removal tool
Ducati rear swing arm axle removal tool

We came up with a removal tool made from a threaded m16 rod and some 32mm inner diameter tube (35 outer) The threaded rod was turned down to 12mm to cut the m12x1,25 thread which fits the inner thread of the engine and swing arm bolt. Made it easypeasy!

You can make the tool yourselves by using this sketch. If you live in the Netherlands and you are cool you can borrow my tool. I live in Houten.

Detail threaded rod

Update 2020 May

Really cool to see my video helping others. Take a look at Chops channel rebuilding his Hypermotard.

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