Handlebar mounts

My intentions are: everyday a small job on the bike and it might be finished someday. Today and yesterday some parts on the milling machine to fit the steer-clamps on the custom top-yoke plate.

First I measured the angle of the small ribs on the top yoke plate. The are 13 degrees so I made a mounting plate to mill the right angle.


The hight of the ribs after milling the top yoke is 2.5 mills.


To fit the risers perfectly on the top-yoke I turned a 1-1/8 inch axle.


Result with Rizoma handlebar.


Next job is welding some cams for the steer limiter and steering lock.

3 thoughts on “Handlebar mounts

  1. Would you be interested in mounting risers on my top triple? I have the 1985 550gpz and I’m looking to do the same type of install.

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