Memmert TV30 lab oven

Some while ago I obtained a small laboratory oven intended to use for Ceracoting and later powder coating.

Memmert Oven, with original temperature control
Cerakote on zx9r-b rear caliper

It’s an old oven, probably build between 1977 and 1980 or so. It has a small heat exchanger to pre-heat the incoming fresh air when the vent is opened and inside you find an old-fashioned but reliable mercury contact. The contact is operated by a long metal pin which changes length when temperature changes. The change of length can be calibrated using a small positioning wheel. The oven operates best when place level.

The oven has 2 resistant wires for heating, parallel connected and operated by separate switches.

There is also a third resistant wire near the metal temperature controller pin. Its was placed serial to a big capacitor. I did not find out yet what the use is and removed it when rebuilding the temperature control. Does anyone know its purpose? Please leave me a message….

The build quality is amazing. Very common in that area for German industrial products. The outside frame is stainless steel, the panels painted aluminium and the edges are bend 180 degrees to fit seamlessly and rigid.

Memmert the Company

When I was looking for information regarding this oven I contacted Memmert, the company still exist. The UN450 ovens look awesome and make my wish for one ūüėČ They were very helpful and found some old schematics. What an excellent service! Unfortunately the last person with knowledge regarding this oven retired a few years ago as Memmert told my in their e-mail. Not really strange keeping in mind my oven is 40 to 50 years old.

The video above showed a really well engineered door locking mechanism… beautiful isn’t it?

Upgrading the heat control of the Memmert TV30

After issues with a short in the electrical wiring I decide to replace the mechanic temperature control. Also I changed the isolation which was damaged in some areas.

First I bought one of those Alie express solid state PID kits, a Rex-c100. But I had no patience for the delivery and with Chinese cheap stuff you get what you pay for…

Luckily I found a Jumo iTron 702043 PID controller, it’s a whole other level compared to the Chinese product.. Jumo is also a long existing German brand like my Memmert oven also a third generation family company. As a Euro-chauvinist that suits me well!

Luckyly I had a decent solid state relay laying around. Unfortunately a 24v control voltage so I had to add another component for 24v supply.

The results are satisfying. The PID has an auto-learn option which learns how to keep the temperature steady. It can also examine the characteristics of the oven to find the optimal ramp settings. The temperature measurements are taken from a Jumo 2 wire PT100 Sensor.

Scematics Memmert TV30 oven

If you need the scematics or manual of the TV30 you can download them here. Memmert allowed them to be posted on my blog. Big thanks Ronald from Memmert!

If you own a Memmert oven as well please leave me a comment! I am curious how many others are using these ovens and whats is their experience.

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