For some while I was considering a powder coat set, especially after the awesome results on my Kawasaki wheels by Custom Coatings Helvoirt

As a birthday pressent I got one of those Alie Express / Ebay Diy powdercoat sets. Not the best stuff in the world but it works….

You are not there yet buying this machine, to powdercoat you need a compressor, air pressure regulator, moisture remover, an oven (please don’t use the one in your kitchen), same racks to hang parts, a respirator and some gloves to get it out of the oven.

The oven should go up to 250 C for gassing out materials especially aluminium and for backing its usually 180-200 degrees celsius.

Industrial lab oven Memmert TV30

The gloves I got from HBM machines vandaan, the racks I made myselve. Painting masking tape is not usable in the oven,you need heat resistant masking tape.I bought some at Coatings4all but if you live overseas you can use Ebay, whish, Alieexpres, Deal Extreme entc. I ordered a silicone plug set from AlieExpress.

This is just for the coating itself, for prepping you need a blast cabinet. I use speedblast or aluminium oxide material in a cheap Chinese cabinet.

HBM sand-blast cabinet

The first test is a bracket I had laying around…

I am thrilled for the result, the color is Gunmetal Grey from Coatings4all.

So I did some more, below the rear shock parts of a Kawasaki 550 Zephyr.

Rear shocks Kawasaki Zephyr 550

They are blasted, cleaned with acetone, degassed in the oven for half an hour on 250 C degreased again and ready for powder!

On the parts I used an epoxy base coat which can be sanded. I hang the part isolated so the stand wont catch to much powder.

Base coat
Base Coating

The finish is dark gunmetal gray metallic from All Powder Paints, LLC USA.

Kawasaki Zephyr Achterveer met poedercoating

Powder Coating Video

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